Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pls contact us...

Biz grows!! Pls feel free to ctc my biz partners for premium beautiful (PB) corset  FREE TESTING. Mmg superb. Ramai tahu tapi not details. My biz partner ni turun 5kg after wearing PB. Somemore, resdung dia makin elok. Congrats to raihan. Ni gamba dia masa anugerah SM/SSM. For those who are working @ kl sentral, she will entertain YOU.


Next, my biz partner staying @ Petaling Jaya, pls feel free to ctc her if u near sec 14 or Behrang. She's wearing PB because she has back pain due to her job working as nurse in one of private hospital. All her corset sold out in just 1 week!!! Congratulations to Fiza. Keep up the good work.

            Shah Alam: Yana- 0125507767
Penang :Amirul/Hanum- 0195532070
Perlis: Fir - 0174012727

and of course me....if you are in KL/ Ipoh .....col/sms 0193330663 or 0143315123


zur'ann raihan said...

mmg marvelous korset PB..uols..jgn pedulikan harganya, but plz take care of yourself, not only 4 u, but for those who r loving u. so feel free to ctct me - raihan 0193992384..TQQQ so much to my sifu a.k.a k.linda..... ^__^

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