Thursday, May 5, 2011

iSihat - Korset

Corsets have long been used as an accessory for aesthetic purpose in the fashion world.  They were designed to give women an instant feminine hour glass figure, to emphasize certain areas of the body, and to distribute the weight of heavy dresses.  Although fashion today does not require intensive garments like corsets, they are still being worn by people around the globe.   

Obvious advantages are mainly aesthetic or personal in nature such as giving the wearer a desired look - fuller hips and bosom, smaller waist.  Corsets can also make a woman appear much thinner, curvier and noble in stature because of the effect on posture.  Corsets can also instantly reduce the waistline, and over time reduce appetite and body fat. Historically, they helped distribute the weight of large gowns and encouraged shallow breathing believed to have a charming effect on men.  They can also provide extra insulation and warmth for the wearer.  

There are also several health benefits to corset wearing.  They promote good posture, provide significant support for the back, and can even reduce pain and inflammation for those with muscular/skeletal disorders. Some large breasted women even boast that they receive better support for thier breasts and less pain associated with the weight of their breasts when wearing a corset compared to a standard bra.  When worn for extended periods of time on a regular basis, also called training, corsets can maintain abdominal pressure that over time will reduce body fat by supressing the appetite and reducing the waistline.

The most important thing to remember when deciding on a corset is to find a corset that fits your body. You'll need to break it in by wearing it for short periods of time and relacing and retightening it after every few hours.  You also need to become accustomed to the shallow breathing that occurs so that your oxygen levels aren't reduced so far as to faint or cause damage to any tissues. 


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